Kava & Lavender - The Best Combination Since Chocolate & Peanutbutter

Relax and unwind with Kava and Lavender!


Many people know that lavender can help you relax. It works as an anxiolytic (for anxiety relief) and as a sedative (to increase relaxation and calm.)


Join us for happy hour ($1 off low-tides and $2 off high-tide kava shots) and add some lavender syrup for just 25¢


Both lavender and kava have been known to help with anxiety and insomnia for years. It can reduce anxiety, aggression, stress, agitation, and even restlessness.


Kavalactones, the active ingredient in the Kava plant, are known to affect the central nervous system, specifically the parts of our brain connected to regulating anxiety, fear, and stress are highly receptive to kavalactones.


Lavender and Kava’s ability to calm the mind and physically relax the body’s muscles makes it the ideal, natural drink to help you ensure quiet of mind and comfort of your body all night long.

114 Clement Street


Boone, NC  28607 
Open everyday 10am to 9pm

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