Kava, Kratom & The Noble Kava Bar Menu

What you need to know about our menu:

We offer regular and special strains of kava. Our special strain has a higher milligram per shot.

We offer low-tide kava shots and high-tide kava shots for both the regular and the special strains. A low-tide is one scoop or shot and a high-tide is equalavant to two scoops or shots.

Kava has been used for generations in the South Pacific Islands (we get ours directly from Vanuatu) to help with anxiety, including generalized anxiety and social anxiety, muscle tension, overall relaxation, and even insomnia. It’s a very calming drink with many experiencing some euphoric affects.

One of the most unique aspects of drinking kava is its reverse tolerance effect. Often times, the first time drinking kava the benefits you experience will be minimal compared to the benefits you’ll feel if you drink it again within the next couple days. In short: The more kava builds up in your system, the more you’ll feel the relaxation and euphoric effects.

The kava kava root is related to the pepper plant. It’s crushed and filtered with water to be made into the shot you drink at our Noble Kava bar in Boone, NC. It tastes very earthy and for a few seconds after drinking, it can make your tongue feel a little numb and tingly. This is due to the relation to the pepper plant.

Because of the earthy taste, many people buy one of our San-Pellegrino - an Italian sparkling fruit soda (we have delicious flavors such as, lemon, clementine, blood orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, and prickly pear). They take the kava shot and follow it with the San-Pel chaser.


Kratom is a loose leaf tea from Indonesia. We offer full cups and half cups. Our Kratom is brewed in-house fresh every day. A full cup contains about 5-6 grams of Kratom. Our unsweetened free flow offers a wide variety of benefits and effects.

Depending on how the Kratom leaves are dried, Kratom can have various effects on the mind & body. Kratom is related to the coffee plant, however contains no caffeine.

Many find the white vein to be very similar to a cup of coffee without the caffeine crash at the end. We’ve found that many local App State Students enjoy drinking the white vein Kratom to help increase their focus, productivity, sustain energy levels, and feel uplifted and centered while completing their projects and studies.

Our red vein has been enjoyed by many who join us after going to the gym to workout. Red vein has been known to help relieve sore muscles, reduce pain, and promote a mind and body relaxation sensation. It can assist in sleeping well and providing a deep rest for those who may experience restless symptoms from anxiety or otherwise. Some have even found red vein Kratom to be so pain relieving that it can assist the alleviating headaches, altitude sickness, and optical soreness (such as straining to read too much)

The most popular unsweetened free flow Kratom tea we feature is our Green Vein Maeng-Da. A cup of maeng-da has been said to help with relaxation without the tiredness of the Red Vein, or the alertness of the White Vein. It has its own pain relieving properties. And many feel an elated, euphoric, and uplifted mindset after finishing a cup.

A Noble Kava creation, we offer our Brewskies in store as well as select local stores. Our brewskies are made fresh and bottled in-house with our Green Vein Maeng-Da, sugar for sweetness, and a Noble Kava blend that helps activate and potentiate Kratom, making the Brewsky even stronger than a full cup of free flow. Because of the added sweetness and ingredients, many find this energizing and with the packaging, perfect for on-the-go busy days.

Our seasonal drink through February is our Hot Apple Cider Kratom. Another Noble Kava original recipe. We offer a sweet, rich blend of our Red Vein and Maeng-Da, served with fresh cinnamon sticks (cinnamon can also potentate Kratom to help increase potency and benefits) and apple concentrate - this delicious drink is served hot all day long and growing in popularity. With the cold weather, nothing is better to curl up, relax, and cozy into our welcoming community.

Come sit at our bar or settle into our sofa lounge and enjoy your favorite drinks. We can’t wait to see your (masked) happy faces!

Join us for our Happy Hours at Noble Kava Bar in Boone, NC - Every Day from 3:00pm to 9:00pm for $1 off low-tide kava shots and $2 off high-tide kava shots!

— Your KB Family

114 Clement Street


Boone, NC  28607 
Open everyday 12pm to 9pm

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