Anxiety Be Gone! - Drinking Kava At Noble Kava

Here at Noble Kava, we work around the clock to provide a comfortable atmosphere for many different personality types to relax, get rooted, and spark up a delightful conversation with others at our kava bar.


With anxiety being no stranger to us, especially with college classes and homework, or even just general and social anxieties, it’s important for us to end the stigma around mental health and show how Kava has helped many overcome anxiety by relieving the symptoms and allowing you more mental clarity and focus and a supportive community.

Researchers and medical professionals

have found that “kavain”, an active ingredient in the KavaKava Root, affects mood receptors and can greatly benefit people living with anxiety.


Kava interferes with norepinephrine reuptake and is known to haven a binding affinity with both GABA and NMDA receptors, both of which modulate anxiety.


Add that with the empowering community, and you’ve got yourself a stress-free lifestyle here! We’re open every day from 12:00-10:00, so stop on by! Just remember, you’re required to wear a mask to come in.

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114 Clement Street


Boone, NC  28607 
Open everyday 10am to 9pm

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