A Special Message from our House Band, Speedball!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

From meeting on Noble Kava’s open mic stage to playing shows around Boone and across the state, we’ve had a wild ride these past two years. Our humble beginning quickly gained speed and had us taking the stage at crowded house shows across the state and bars around Boone. Meanwhile, custom eightball stickers have been plastered across town, fans are wearing our t-shirts, and our original music is available on all streaming platforms.

While we’ve gained great momentum and have had the experiences of a lifetime, we owe a great thanks to Noble Kava—the place where it all began. Kava gave us a home to be loud and have fun every Thursday night, which allowed us to express ourselves and experiment with new sounds to find what works (and what doesn’t). Thanks to Noble Kava, we’ve been able to consistently engage with a creative atmosphere and utilize that energy to cultivate an environment where all artists feel safe and excited to express themselves freely.

Unforeseeably, Covid-19 took the world by storm, disrupting life as we know it. This year has been difficult for everyone and our hearts go out to everyone affected by the virus.

Since quarantine, we’ve had to change our professional lives completely. We went from practicing two to three times a week to not at all. Only recently have we begun to meet in person again, taking proper precautions to protect ourselves and one another. With music being such a huge part of our identities and self-expression, it’s pained us to put open mic night, weekly shows, and practices to a halt. Thankfully, meeting in person has given us a touch of normalcy.

As time progresses and we’ve learned ways to continue doing what we love while protecting others and ourselves, we are happy to announce that we’ve been overwhelmed with creativity these past couple months. We’ve been creating more original music than ever before and we have a new EP scheduled to release in the coming months: All Things In Between.

The time spent at home instead of on stage has been different to say the least, but it’s provided us with a great deal of time to sit with our creativity and think up new concepts, lyrics, and guitar riffs. We’re super excited to share our new music with you all!

Additionally, thanks to Noble Kava, we’ve planned a live performance on Thursday, Nov. 12th at 6 pm. Tickets quickly sold out due to their limited nature. Masks and social distancing are also required. Following the live performance, we participated in Live at RFG Saturday, the 14th; thanks to all who tuned in!

Being off the stage for nine months has been difficult and we are enthusiastic to see the outcome of this show. If the precautions taken are deemed successful as we expect, there’ll be more socially-distanced shows in the future as well as a virtual open mic night!

Want some recording tips? In our next blog post, we're featuring an exclusive video from Speedball for those apprehensive or curious about the recording process.

Update: Read The Blog Post & Watch The Video Now

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