Curious About Kava? Here's A 2-Minute Introduction to Kava:

Noble Kava offers a mellow relaxation, euphoria, and the ability to stay clear headed. 😌 It’s been known to reduce anxiety including test anxiety, social anxiety, general anxiety, can help reduce or prevent panic attacks, and even help with those who struggle from insomnia.

Come relax at our bar and lounge and see the results for yourself!


An important thing to remember is that Kava has a reverse-tolerance effect. Unlike other substances that your body builds up a tolerance to during frequent use, making it more difficult to achieve the sensations and desired effects, Kava works oppositely!


It takes less and less to feel the full benefits the more frequently you drink it. It’s also important to keep in mind that often people drink their first shot and may only rightly feel the effects and benefits they’ll feel with the same amount when taken the next day!


From The Kava Collective:

“According to research, the body must first build up kavalactones or the chemical compounds that are responsible for the effects of Kava for one to feel its full effects. These chemical compounds are directly associated with the feeling of calmness and relaxation that comes with drinking Kava. The numerous kavalactones combine, producing diverse levels of a feel-good effect. Which is why most first-time users experience Kava reverse tolerance when the desired effects of the product are not felt the first time they try to use it.


"The duration of reverse tolerance varies from one person to another since it depends on how much Kava one drinks and those other external individual factors we described earlier like body chemistry and metabolism. The good news is that Kava is completely safe and non-addictive, so you can increase your consumption the first few times to overcome this kava reverse tolerance and achieve the benefits!”

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