Welcome to our Noble Kava family! We are so excited to meet you and welcome you into our wonderful community. We all embrace our individuality and create a genuinely positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all.

Our team mission is to bring you personable service. We love getting to know our regulars on a first-name basis and being here to lend an ear about all life's happenings. In 2020, the conversation around mental health is more important than ever. We're here to break the stigma and create a safe space for relaxing, studying, laughing, conversation, and sharing talents (be sure to submit to our virtual open mic nights until it's safe enough to start our in-bar events again!)



My name is Jackson and I used to live in Charlotte, NC. My first time ever trying kava was right here at Noble Kava’s grand opening and now 6 incredible years later I can’t imagine my life without the community that surrounds me here. I love meeting new people and traveling; but Netflix has my heart. When I’m not drinking kava I run a YouTube gaming channel and you’ll know my favorite artist if you take the first letter of words 1,5,11,1,3,9,9,16,20



Hi, my name is Grace I was born in Jacksonville, FL, raised in the mountains of Boone, NC! I am a momma of two children who are my whole life. I work hard to provide for them.


I enjoy doing anything outdoors! My passions are hiking, camping, kayaking, gardening, fishing, and exploring! I love nature and learning about animals. I have a pet Redfoot Tortoise named Henry who’s my 3rd baby, and a Dumpy Tree Frog named Milly!


I love working at Noble Kava and being apart of the community. 


Jack was born in NC, doing half of his growing up here and half in Germany while his dad was in the Army.


Shortly after moving up to Boone in the fall of 2016, Jack began bartending at Noble Kava's original Boone location on West King Street.


Outside of work, Jack is an avid film buff and also enjoys music, books, and spending time with animals. His favorite thing about bartending is the customers as a whole.


"I like to think that a bartender can do a little more than just serve drinks. In my opinion, people should be able to go to their bartender to vent about a long day or even get some unbiased advice, among other things. I enjoy helping others in that regard, even if it's just something as basic as listening."



Karl was born in Racine Wisconsin, but was raised in Boone NC where he began working at Noble Kava in September 2018. He's been playing in bands since highschool and currently is a vocalist and bassist in Waist High Weeds. On his days off he likes to cook and, when there isn't a global pandemic, host dinner parties. He also enjoys hiking, camping, and backpacking when the opportunity arises. If he won the lottery he'd probably spend the money building his own studio and buy an unreasonable number of different instruments, but he doesn't actually play so that's not very likely to happen now is it?



The life of Kya started in Naples, Florida, but she spent her childhood and teenage years exploring Boone. Since then, she has traveled around the east coast, writing novels, seeking adventure, and marketing for creatives and entrepreneurs with passion and ambition to change the world. She’s found herself working at Noble Kava since returning to Boone in September 2019.


If she could spend a week anywhere in the world, it would be traveling around Japan as she’s learning to speak their language and inspired by their culture, the cherry blossom festival, and delicious cuisine!


One of her greatest passion is helping those following their dreams by marketing, creating a social media presence, and building a strong strategy to accomplish their goals. She one day hopes to own a marketing firm and specialize in working with creatives on a sliding scale as she believes the world will be a better place when everybody is able to become successful doing what they’re passionate about.


Meanwhile, she enjoys being conversational, kind, and bubbly! She looks forward to seeing you at Noble Kava soon!


The life of Aaron started in the quaint town of Burnsville, North Carolina. Since then, he has been trying to "figure it all out," and have found himself working at Noble Kava since December 2019.


If he could spend a week anywhere in the world, it would be Morocco, because he knows next to nothing about it.


One of his greatest passions is tending the garden, and he one day hopes to grow a bountiful harvest. Meanwhile, he enjoys being mischievous, laughing, and is looking forward to seeing you at Noble Kava soon!




Hello my name is Ryan, I was born in Chicago and I grew up all over the US. From Illinois to California to Minnesota to North Carolina to Florida and now back to North Carolina! I have been a kavatender at Noble Kava since September 2020.


I am currently studying Philosophy and Painting at App State. In my free time I enjoy going on hikes with my partner and our two dogs, fishing, making art, biking, and playing instruments. My favorite part of working at Noble Kava is the diverse community of customers I get to meet and come to know!

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