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Hi, my name is Grace I was born in Jacksonville, FL, raised in the mountains of Boone, NC! I am a momma of two children who are my whole life.  


I enjoy doing anything outdoors! My passions are hiking, camping, kayaking, gardening, fishing, and exploring! I love nature and learning about animals. I have a pet Redfoot Tortoise named Henry, a Chinese Shar Pei named Milo, and a dumpy tree frog named Milly!


I love working at Noble Kava and being apart of the amazing community we have built here. 




Jack was born in NC, doing half of his growing up here and half in Germany while his dad was in the Army. 


Shortly after moving up to Boone in the fall of 2016, Jack began bartending at Noble Kava's original Boone location on West King Street. 


Outside of work, Jack is an avid film buff and also enjoys music, books, and spending time with animals. His favorite thing about bartending is the customers as a whole. 


"I like to think that a bartender can do a little more than just serve drinks. In my opinion, people should be able to go to their bartender to vent about a long day or even get some unbiased advice, among other things. I enjoy helping others in that regard, even if it's just something as basic as listening."

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Ted Cremmins

Ted is a bartender and does production. From Apex, NC, this funny guy is a great addition to our team. He keeps the laughs rolling, for both staff and customers alike. 


Zack Hill

Zack is the moving force behind our products! He is our production king. 

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Hello my name is Ryan,  I have been a kavatender at Noble Kava since September 2020. 


I am currently pursuing a major in Philosophy with a minor in art and visual culture at App State.


My favorite part of working at Noble Kava is the diverse community of customers I get to meet and come to know!

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Hello my name is Jake.