Weekly Events

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Line up

Sunday: Game Day 6-9pm

Monday: Customer Appreciation 4-9pm

Tuesday: Trivia Night TBD (Covid)

Wednesday: Study hall 6-9pm

Thursday: Open Mic 6-9pm

Friday: Live Music 6-9pm

Saturday: Game tourney or Movie nights TBD (Covid)

GAme Day

During this event you can come play our provided board games and receive half off kratom tea drinks. Limit of 2 per customer. Must be playing a game to receive this discount. So come on and relax with some friends and see who the dice favor this week!

Sunday 6-9pm
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Customer appreciation

We always appreciate our customers, but mondays are extra special. You can get $2.00 kava shots during this event with a limit of 3 per customer! We also offer 1/2 priced loose teas during this time. So come stock up on your favorite drinks and let us appreciate you!

MONDAY 4-9pm
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Trivia Night

This event is a monthly trivia tournament where you and your friends can return each week and compete for first place. We provide everything and all you are responsible for is a team name. Winner of the monthly tournament gets a gift card to our bar and the team each get a free drink. For more details please contact us. Currently due to covid we are not hosting this event but once we are able to we will list team sign ups on our website. Thank you for understanding.

Tuesday TBD/Covid

Study Hall

Every week we offer a place to study for our local students. This is designed to keep you focused on what truly matters, our products. Wait sorry, we meant your studies! Students who come study here during this event will receive 2 bogo coupons for our kratom tea. So come study up and get ready for those pesky finals.

Wednesday 6-9pm
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Open mic

This is by far our most exciting event of the week. If you're looking for something to do in a small town then come to open mic. Music, poetry, comedy, and anything else people can think of goes here at our open mic. We were labeled the towns best open mic and we love to give anyone a space to express themselves. Be yourself and perform in a safe place. Hosted by Speedball, our open mic is not something you want to miss. Performers get a free kava shot for performing.

Thursday 6-9pm
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Live Music

Every week we book a new band local or traveling. If you've never performed before we would love to be your first venue. We strive to provide a place for upcoming musicians to perform, just remember us when you get famous ;) But if you are a seasoned musician we would love to have you as well. If you don't play music but like the way it makes you feel then come to our live music nights and enjoy a totally free show.

Friday 6-9pm

Game Tournament

or Movie

Similar to trivia, Saturdays are competitive too. We either have a game based tournament or we show a movie on our projector screen. Updates posted in advance on instagram on what each week will be. Tournaments will be $5.00 entry fees and winner will take a portion of the pot. Examples include: Super smash bros, mario cart, chess etc. Sign ups and a bracket will be posted on our website when we resume this event. Covid has temporarily postponed all saturday events. 

Saturday TBD/COvid
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