Noble Kava seeks to cultivate a healing, nurturing, and inclusive environment for all. We strive to run our business with honesty, integrity and offer genuinely welcoming service and quality products that have been known to assist with an array of mental health struggles including anxiety, depression, and even insomnia. 


We know our roots and honor our planet by offering our drinks in sustainable ways including using biodegradable cups, lids, and straws. We donate our natural waste to local composting facilities.


Our goal is to help shatter the stigma around mental health and help provide tools and aides that can revolutionize your world.


Our variety of strains of kratom that we offer daily have been known to help increase and sustain energy levels, ability to focus (many find our white vein perfect for study nights), muscle relaxation, alleviate pain and headaches, promote relaxation, ease anxiety symptoms, and even elevate your mood.


Kava has helped many with social anxiety, racing thoughts, insomnia, and muscle relaxation. It’s a very calming drink with a slight euphoric effect. An earthy drink made from the root of the plant, enjoyed by many as a communal ritual and tradition. Many at Noble Kava enjoy drinking kava shots together to symbolize unity and friendship.


Noble Kava is one of the original and first kava bars established in America. We source our kava from our friends in Vanuatu with respects to tradition as well as our mission to bring high-quality kava to our Boone community.​

We are so happy to promote a close, kind community. Noble Kava strives to be a safe space any and all can come to feel comfortable, relaxed, productive, and make new friends. Come help make our community even more awesome - stop by today. 

114 Clement Street


Boone, NC  28607 
Open everyday 10am to 9pm

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